Water Element


The water signs are by far the most emotional, intuitive, and artistic in everyway. They are also very sensitive, compassionate, caring, and the most imaginative of all the signs. Don’t take them to a scary movie unless you want them gripping onto you for days! Things are very intense for the water signs, and they won’t tell you about it all of the time either. They tend to keep their feelings to themselves unless they really trust you. They make the most loyal of friends once they know you are worthy, but they don’t trust easily. The water signs are the feelers of the Zodiac, and they usually don’t miss a thing, unless that is, they are in love, or in lust. When this happens, they are well, 3 shades to the wind. It’s just that emotions are their ruler, and they can get swept away. They do hold a practical side within them, but it must live up to their ideals. Sometimes they will tend to be afraid to try new things due to shyness, or fear of looking like a fool. The water signs are talented in water sports, building a field of dreams, artwork, music, painting, singing, healing others, counseling, investigating just about everything, psychic work, medicine, law, police work, work with animals, landscaping, designing, writing, and religious pursuits or careers. They tend to like guiding others, expressing emotional deep feelings, and being in love whenever possible. The water signs are nurturing, caring, expressive, and tend to hold things inside of themselves.