“THE BUTTERFLY’S SHIFT OF IDENTITY.” A SPIRITUAL STORY TO UPLIFT YOUR HEART AND MAKE SENSE OF THIS WORLD. September 2006. BY; CLAIRVOYANT TERRY KITE. So, in the human sense of the things, how do you feel when you used to be a worm just crawling around and all of a sudden bingo you’re different. You now have wings! You don’t quite know how to use them at first. You’ll learn. You just feel like Wow what happened? I’m sure the butterfly doesn’t think nearly as much as we do, however it’s a huge change, and it’s most likely he has forgotten he was a worm at one point in time. Us human’s however are a completely different story. Yes, we remember our old identity in this lifetime, and this can cause us to want to return to the old ways, and in memory return to the good ole days, whether they were good or not. After some time passes we tend to lose the lines between the good and the bad. It all blends together and we just go back and recall the good parts again. It’s like when you leave an old relationship and you are so darn angry, and then time passes and you begin to remember all of the good times you had. Identity gets stuck on us. We think we are our jobs, our material things, our ambitions, when really we are spiritual beings that want to spread our wings like the butterflies and soar with courage above who we just think we are, and become who we really are. It’s kind of funny because who we really are is always with us, but we forget it. We get caught up in our mind, ego, status, survival concerns. Identity can be like old dried up mud all over your body, and at some point it will just begin to flake off piece by piece. We may notice this, we may not. We may just feel really weird and disconnected for awhile. Like, “What happened to me?” Or, “Where did I go?” Now What? Just allow it to unfold. Just be, and go to what feels good right now. It’s really just a natural process becoming who we truly are in body, mind, and soul. The transitions, challenges, and transformations can be adventures into the unknown parts of ourselves, the parts that surprise us we can do this much, or astound us that we don’t really relate to the old parts any longer. We all get our red flags! We all really know what’s best, but sometimes let fear come into the picture and we just don’t move out of our own way! In a spiritual sense and as spiritual beings, as well as human beings we do know what’s right for today, because we feel it then just do it. We are becoming and must just take it as it comes. Do flowers have any trouble blooming? Do the Birds always seem to get feed? Is there enough for you? Yes, if you believe and walk your faith. The butterfly is always a good example of a winged creature whom doesn’t stay to long in one spot. It’s so beautiful it must spread the beauty around, Just a glimpse of one flying by you and you feel a sense of upliftment. When you want to fly in your life and you find yourself crawling around. Think of the Butterfly and the process it must go through to emerge with its beauty and freedom. You may crawl around for awhile, or tread backwards for awhile, or rest from it all, eventually you will soar because you too are a spiritual being, and hold the essence of the butterfly. Blessings, Love, and Light,