Terry`s BIO

Terry Kite Biography – Psychic & Medium

My gifts of the spirit come naturally.
All of the women in my family are very intuitive.

My roots are English, Irish, American Indian, Swedish and Welsh. I was born and raised and still reside in Southern California. I have a beautiful grown daughter and two very special grandchildren. All of them have gifts of the spirit.

My clairvoyant intuitive experiences began very young…5 years of age. Of course, at that time, I did not understand my gifts. I was seeing into other dimensions of time and place. These experiences brought forth a lot of fear when I was a child. It wasn’t until many years later, I began to put all of the pieces together, and understand I was seeing things into the future.

I spent many years counseling friends, relatives, and loved ones, before I went into the public arena of CRN nationwide radio. I wanted to keep my work private and by word of mouth only, but God directed me into a bigger plan. Now after 8 years on the radio, and television, and teaching metaphysics for the past 20 years to my clients around the country, I am currently writing a spiritual manuscript about opening our own doors into Heaven in this life.

I consider my readings healing for you as we are working in the light. I work with the other side, other dimensions, and the soul stirring portals of opening the self to more light in this lifetime.

My gifts are clairvoyance, precognition, clairaudience, and direct communication with spirit. I hold a strong element of healing energy from the higher vibrations, which you will receive through the tonal sound of my voice.

Love to you, prosperity, peace, joy, good health, and much happiness in your future.

Read more about my biography here – https://psychichouseofmagic.com/author/terrykite/.