I am honored to be of service to you from the spirit, the soul, and all of the truly heart-felt things you seek…

My work is intuitively focused on your issues, your lessons, your loves, and the lessons you have learned and not learned at this point in your life. I do take you into the future, and sometimes back into the past. We are not limited seeing what is coming forth for you. Our work is a together experience. You need to be willing to trust and open your heart in a sincere fashion.

I have three types of readings available to you.

I provide you with a taped cassette copy of your reading for your support and guidance.

1. SOULPATH READING – This is my specialty. The reading will take 45 minutes to an hour. I call this reading an in depth look at your soul, your lessons, your progress, and your future aspects ahead regarding love, career, and spiritual growth aspects. This reading also involves stumbling blocks you may be inclined toward, and patterns you may find yourself in at this time. You will want to ask questions during this reading. It is best to write things down ahead of time. The more specific you can be the better. Anything you may need more clarity on. The reason for this is time passes very quickly during your reading and it’s important that all of your questions are answered. The cost of this reading is; 45 min…$120.00 1 Hour….$160.00.

2. ANGEL READING – This reading focuses on your guides and Angels guidance. Our angels can and do protect us, and can communicate our best decisions and choices. Many times we may hear our angels, or speak with them in dreams. If you feel you need more healing energy in your life regarding family and loved ones, this reading is healing, hopeful and does help you to forgive and let go of old pain. Again write down any questions you would like to ask. This reading is One-half hour to 45 min…and the cost is $90.00.

3. If you have had at least 1 or 2 prior readings with me and just have a few special questions….You can request an e-mail reading.…2 to 3 questions for $40.00.

I accept all major credit cards and checks…. For an appointment please call me at (818) 506-3079.

Also if you would like to request a free newsletter you can e-mail me your request.