“NEWSLETTER FOR A NEW AGE.” By: Terry Kite Psychic Intuitive Clairvoyant “Trusting In Spirit To Increase Our Belief In Our Gifts.” A gift, (Something given in high regard and esteem for appreciation, and to express Love, Caring, Attention, and growth of the Spirit.) Our sense of spirit lies deep within our hearts and souls. And every single time we give of this sense of spirit our lives blossom. It is called unconditional Love, and Our Creator God, and a Whole Team of Angels work with us all of the time through our lessons here on Earth. It might not seem like it sometimes, but mostly that is because we simply get in our own way. We are not always listening deeply inside of ourselves. We tend to want to run our own program. Get our own way. Bash our heads against many walls! Before we begin to learn our Earth Lessons, and before we are even ready to listen even a little bit. Then we tend to question our listening ability. How do I listen? How do I know it comes from a positive spiritual force? How do I know it is not just in my head? Can God really talk with me? Can I really communicate with God? How can I trust this? What shall I expect in the way of direction? Many questions come forth huh? First off, let us talk about the gifts you may hold because there are many of them. We are human beings, but we forget that we are also spiritual beings. And I want to add here that it is not enough to just look at your gifts, you have to trust yourself and your God source in order to use them in grace. Trust is a Huge Key Here! I think I can do this. You don’t have to think. You Can. All you Have To Be Willing To Do, Is Believe that you don’t have any limits in spirit. Just within your mind, and perhaps your belief system these limits may reside. And believe me, they will create enough doubt to make you question every step you take. Ok, so the gifts of the spirits are creative ability of all kinds. Dreams states foretell the future, or take you back into a past lifetime. Communication with the Other side through dreams, and through feelings and impressions in everyday life. Communication with your angels of protection, and guidance in dreams and your everyday life. Psychic ability, telepathic ability, hearing of spirit direction, clairaudience, Smelling something from spirit, clairsentience. God connects us through other people too. Through causes, through feelings, through emotions, through linked events, through synchronicity, through action at just the perfect moment. Most of these linked time events have to do with our spiritual beliefs, and the spoken work, our voices. Declaring what we want need or intend. Our spoken voices are very powerful. Trusting in a spiritual way within doesn’t come with a set of instructions, and there is a good reason for this. We each have to learn by our own communication with Spirit. Trusting our own sense of inner gifts, is something we have to be willing to just follow and hope for the best. “Asking God, for a sense of this communication does certainly help.” We will be directed to the right people, sources of help, and further guidance. Still the trusting of the sources is totally up to us. Free Will Zone We Have Here On Planet Earth. This is a very good thing, because our thoughts are a huge power source. Our words spoken aloud another, and our Action combined with Faith another. Ok, so how can you begin to trust in your own intuitive gifts of the spirit. First off, quit questioning it. Just ask, accept, listen, and trust some more. Move, crawl, fall, get up again, ask for help, doubt, slide back again, ask again, move a little, get a hunch, go with it, move, trust again, it worked. More confidence now? So now the process starts all over again, and you are always the captain of the ship. You make the choices. Listen from within, use your soul as the gage. Use your heart. Need Help again. Ask. Then let it go. Trust it will come forth. You will see it work for you. The right people, events, will come forth, and not always within the time frame you might expect. You will learn to listen in a new way and trust in the higher powers. When we tend to expect things to come forth in a certain way or fashion we sometimes miss the whole point. We again are just trying to have it our way. When we allow our spirits to take hold and move us from within, we allow ourselves to flow. We become more in sink with our souls, our true purpose, and our self-love. From this view, everything just gets better, because we are allowing ourselves Heavenly Help. The main ingredient for all of our spiritual work of growth is Trust. Just keep in mind that doubt is quite opposite of Trusting, and this sense will lead you more into your own gut level and higher level of understanding your own spiritual gifts. If you would like to contact me,

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