Fire Element


The Fire signs are about desire, courage, risking, and new experience. You won’t find many a fire sign just sitting around doing nothing. These folks enjoy the limelight, and they are get up and goers. If something needs to be done, or a cause needs to be fought, or someone just needs to speak their peace, you can count on a fire sign to spit it out! They are powerful, they know it, and they enjoy every bit of it. They are totally into blazing new trails, and they won’t care what anybody thinks about it either. They will just do it! Why? Because they like it. If anything they can just seem too powerful at times, and scare people away. No timid for these signs, no Sir! They make wonderful spokespeople for every new kid on the block. They like to defend people, so you will find many Fire sign lawyers. They like to be up and out. Noticed and appreciated to the max. They especially adore praise of every kind. Praise them, and they will purr like a gentle kitty. They tend to like sports, adventures of unique kinds, spontaneous romantic adventures, singing, acting, and entertainment of all kinds. Tour guides, explorers, sports trainers, dog and horse trainers, saving planet earth, looking after children the old folks, and raising the roof about anything, that has a cause attached to it that they believe in. Though not at all timid, they are certainly heartfelt, honest, funny and real.