WELCOME TO MY E-MAIL READINGS. I understand that sometimes due to finances, or time factors, that itís not always possible to schedule in a phone reading or In-Person Reading with me. I always suggest a phone reading first, because it allows me to interact with you on a more personal level. This does assist you with more understanding, clarity, and healing. However, I want you to know that my work of clairvoyance is just as accurate on your e-mail reading and will provide you with the answers to your pressing questions. Itís quite important that you state your question very clearly. Ask the question bravely and sincerely. No matter what the question, or what area of your life, I can assist you with an answer directly and clearly. I OFFER A 2 QUESTION E-MAIL READING FOR PRESSING ISSUES YOU NEED RESOLVED OR WANT DIRECTION ON. $50.00 I OFFER A 3 QUESTION E-MAIL READING FOR ANY AREA OF YOUR LIFE YOU ARE IN CONFUSION OR DOUBT ABOUT. $65.00 A FULL LIFE PATH READING, WHICH COVERS YOUR GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT. Your natural gifts and talents since birth, Events past, present and future. Answers to Your most Personal Questions about Your Love, Career, Children, Travel, and Soul Matters. Please submit 6 important questions you hold within your heart. Things you have always wanted to know. Things you feel a bit confused about. Events you might hold questions regarding. Anything that feels important in order for you to gather more direction and clarity within your own life. Price for Life Reading; $125.00 DO YOU NEED TO KNOW IF YOU ARE REALLY WITH YOUR SOUL MATE? I do a compatibility Psychic Reading for the two of You. This can be quite helpful in resolving the lessons that can come forth with Your Soul-Mate, and if you are unsure about your relationship, this reading will assist you with answers to your heart felt questions. In this reading I will sense and relate to you the nature of sharing within your relationship, and the spiritual lessons this relationship presents for the two of you. I see very clearly within all relationship issues and I will relate Psychic Information to You from the truth as I sense it. You will find my work of clairvoyance accurate, hopeful, and very directional for you. Please submit 3 important questions. The more truthful, honest and direct your questions, the clearer Your Guidance will come forth. $80.00 Just fill out the form below and I will return your email reading usually within 24 to 48 hours.

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