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“THE BUTTERFLY’S SHIFT OF IDENTITY.” A SPIRITUAL STORY TO UPLIFT YOUR HEART AND MAKE SENSE OF THIS WORLD. September 2006. BY; CLAIRVOYANT TERRY KITE. So, in the human sense of the things, how do you feel when you used to be a worm just crawling around and all of a sudden bingo you’re different. You now have wings! You don’t quite know how to use them at first. You’ll learn. You just feel like Wow what happened? I’m sure the butterfly doesn’t think nearly as much as we do, however it’s a huge change, and it’s most likely he has forgotten he was a worm at one point in time. Us human’s however are a completely different story. Yes, we remember our old identity in this lifetime, and this can cause us to want to return to the old ways, and in memory return to the good ole days, whether they were good or not. After some time passes we tend to lose the lines between the good and the bad. It all blends together and we just go back and recall the good parts again. It’s like when you leave an old relationship and you are so darn angry, and then time passes and you begin to remember all of the good times you had. Identity gets stuck on us. We think we are our jobs, our material things, our ambitions, when really we are spiritual beings that want to spread our wings like the butterflies and soar with courage above who we just think we are, and become who we really are. It’s kind of funny because who we really are is always with us, but we forget it. We get caught up in our mind, ego, status, survival concerns. Identity can be like old dried up mud all over your body, and at some point it will just begin to flake off piece by piece. We may notice this, we may not. We may just feel really weird and disconnected for awhile. Like, “What happened to me?” Or, “Where did I go?” Now What? Just allow it to unfold. Just be, and go to what feels good right now. It’s really just a natural process becoming who we truly are in body, mind, and soul. The transitions, challenges, and transformations can be adventures into the unknown parts of ourselves, the parts that surprise us we can do this much, or astound us that we don’t really relate to the old parts any longer. We all get our red flags! We all really know what’s best, but sometimes let fear come into the picture and we just don’t move out of our own way! In a spiritual sense and as spiritual beings, as well as human beings we do know what’s right for today, because we feel it then just do it. We are becoming and must just take it as it comes. Do flowers have any trouble blooming? Do the Birds always seem to get feed? Is there enough for you? Yes, if you believe and walk your faith. The butterfly is always a good example of a winged creature whom doesn’t stay to long in one spot. It’s so beautiful it must spread the beauty around, Just a glimpse of one flying by you and you feel a sense of upliftment. When you want to fly in your life and you find yourself crawling around. Think of the Butterfly and the process it must go through to emerge with its beauty and freedom. You may crawl around for awhile, or tread backwards for awhile, or rest from it all, eventually you will soar because you too are a spiritual being, and hold the essence of the butterfly. Blessings, Love, and Light,



“BUTTERFLY FREE” (Beginning to Break Loose of our Old beliefs and thoughts of restriction)

Our breaking free from our self-created cocoons in life, or our safe places, And our protective shields. This also may include our Fear Projections, and zones Of uncertainty. Our beginning of breaking free is a day to day process of tuning Into ourselves with a new way to trust. And right now you may be asking, and just How do I do this? I can I begin to trust within more often?


“STORMY WEATHER IN THE COCOON.” ANOTHER BUTTERFLY STORY TO UPLIFT YOUR SPIRIT IN THE MIDST OF CHANGE. By; CLAIRVOYANT; TERRY KITE. SOMETIMES WHEN CHANGE IS AT YOUR DOOR IT CAN BE UNCOMFORTABLE, AND EVER SO UNFAMILIAR. You may find yourself angry, or confused around this unknown place. It’s not about control, or winning, blaming, or pushing for the answers. It’s more about just being who you feel like being right now, even when you feel angry, confused, or just plain hopeless. It’s really ok to not know what do to. In truth it brings you closer to God, and closer to yourself. The Justice of Faith is way beyond the human scope of things. It just happens, it just is. It does bring forth miracles when you really give it over to Heaven, God, and the Higher Forces of Grace. Change is at your door. You are aware that certain things are not working in your life. You are very close to crossing over into a new direction, a new hope, a new dream, or relationship, yet the old is still pulling at you tugging at your heels with a feeling of loss. You feel this is true, yet you are fighting yourself and resisting the newness that wants to give birth within you. Whenever we are crossing over into a newness, or changing within ourselves, it can really feel very uncomfortable at times. The old doesn’t work any longer, yet the new, is an unknown factor. We have to realize that with letting go, there is also grief, and an awareness of feeling a bit lost in a storm, or a cloud is hovering and we don’t really understand the emotional feelings, other then everything feels gloomy, out of sorts, and a bit under the weather. When all feels lost, we are not really lost within our spirit. Our personality wants the same thing we are used to having, and our personality wants to be right, or we want to have our own way in the things that are falling away. There is a process that we need to believe in when we are going through the death of the old, and the rebirthing of the new in our lives. The process is the space in-between. It is the space allowed us to transform or make decisions anew, but it is not quite here yet. It can sometimes feel like you are crawling out of your own skin! There is no place to go quite yet, because you are transforming out the cocoon and into the butterfly. In the cocoon place we don’t hold the answers. It is a resting during the time of changing. We stay still and vacant. We empty and release. We are not used to this, so we attempt to create a reason for the emptiness. The reason really lies in just being willing to release and clean the slate. Sometimes it’s really quite alright to not know the answer or figure it out within the mind. It’s totally about just letting it go. Just placing it within our hearts and allowing whatever needs to be released to go, or whatever needs to be transformed to just move and be within the timing of Spirit. In human terms, this can be really an odd duck time for us, and within our souls what feels like a very lonely place to be. Rebirthing is like this in Spirit. It’s the space in-between what we have known in the past and what we are about to discover tomorrow, a few months, or in a few years. WHEN WE BECOME READY TO ACCEPT CHANGE, IT COMES TO US. IT FLOATS IN JUST LIKE THE BUTTERFLY CROSSES OUR PATH ON A SUNNY DAY. IT’S JUST THERE PRESENT AND REAL IN THE NOW MOMENTS OF OUR LIVES. WITHIN THE TRANSFORMATION OF CROSSING OVER INTO A NEWNESS BE KIND TO YOURSELF AND PATIENT. WATCH AND BE AWARE OF NEWNESS, NON- EXPECTING, MORE ACCEPTING, OF WHATEVER SHOWS UP. TRUE MAGIC DOESN’T COME FROM REASON IT COMES FROM FAITH IN THE UNEXPECTED. IT’S A GRACE PERIOD. IT’S A BLESSING UNSEEN OR IN DISGUISE. EVERYBODY ELSE MAY THINK THEY CAN CHANGE YOU OR RE-ARRANGE YOU, BUT THEY CAN’T.ONLY YOU CAN RE-CREATE YOURSELF THROUGH YOUR OWN BELIEFS AND FEELINGS OF WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE THIS MIGHT BE YOUR LUCKY DAY. DON’T LET GOOD THINGS PASS YOU BYE.COUNT THE FLOWERS LONG THE WAY. LOOK WITH A HEART ACCEPTING JOY WHERE IT SHOWS UP, AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE READY TO CREATE AND ACCEPT HAPPINESS. Blessings, and Love to you, May you Hold Peace within Your Heart, and Joy within Your Soul.



“NEWSLETTER FOR A NEW AGE.” By: Terry Kite Psychic Intuitive Clairvoyant “Trusting In Spirit To Increase Our Belief In Our Gifts.” A gift, (Something given in high regard and esteem for appreciation, and to express Love, Caring, Attention, and growth of the Spirit.) Our sense of spirit lies deep within our hearts and souls. And every single time we give of this sense of spirit our lives blossom. It is called unconditional Love, and Our Creator God, and a Whole Team of Angels work with us all of the time through our lessons here on Earth. It might not seem like it sometimes, but mostly that is because we simply get in our own way. We are not always listening deeply inside of ourselves. We tend to want to run our own program. Get our own way. Bash our heads against many walls! Before we begin to learn our Earth Lessons, and before we are even ready to listen even a little bit. Then we tend to question our listening ability. How do I listen? How do I know it comes from a positive spiritual force? How do I know it is not just in my head? Can God really talk with me? Can I really communicate with God? How can I trust this? What shall I expect in the way of direction? Many questions come forth huh? First off, let us talk about the gifts you may hold because there are many of them. We are human beings, but we forget that we are also spiritual beings. And I want to add here that it is not enough to just look at your gifts, you have to trust yourself and your God source in order to use them in grace. Trust is a Huge Key Here! I think I can do this. You don’t have to think. You Can. All you Have To Be Willing To Do, Is Believe that you don’t have any limits in spirit. Just within your mind, and perhaps your belief system these limits may reside. And believe me, they will create enough doubt to make you question every step you take. Ok, so the gifts of the spirits are creative ability of all kinds. Dreams states foretell the future, or take you back into a past lifetime. Communication with the Other side through dreams, and through feelings and impressions in everyday life. Communication with your angels of protection, and guidance in dreams and your everyday life. Psychic ability, telepathic ability, hearing of spirit direction, clairaudience, Smelling something from spirit, clairsentience. God connects us through other people too. Through causes, through feelings, through emotions, through linked events, through synchronicity, through action at just the perfect moment. Most of these linked time events have to do with our spiritual beliefs, and the spoken work, our voices. Declaring what we want need or intend. Our spoken voices are very powerful. Trusting in a spiritual way within doesn’t come with a set of instructions, and there is a good reason for this. We each have to learn by our own communication with Spirit. Trusting our own sense of inner gifts, is something we have to be willing to just follow and hope for the best. “Asking God, for a sense of this communication does certainly help.” We will be directed to the right people, sources of help, and further guidance. Still the trusting of the sources is totally up to us. Free Will Zone We Have Here On Planet Earth. This is a very good thing, because our thoughts are a huge power source. Our words spoken aloud another, and our Action combined with Faith another. Ok, so how can you begin to trust in your own intuitive gifts of the spirit. First off, quit questioning it. Just ask, accept, listen, and trust some more. Move, crawl, fall, get up again, ask for help, doubt, slide back again, ask again, move a little, get a hunch, go with it, move, trust again, it worked. More confidence now? So now the process starts all over again, and you are always the captain of the ship. You make the choices. Listen from within, use your soul as the gage. Use your heart. Need Help again. Ask. Then let it go. Trust it will come forth. You will see it work for you. The right people, events, will come forth, and not always within the time frame you might expect. You will learn to listen in a new way and trust in the higher powers. When we tend to expect things to come forth in a certain way or fashion we sometimes miss the whole point. We again are just trying to have it our way. When we allow our spirits to take hold and move us from within, we allow ourselves to flow. We become more in sink with our souls, our true purpose, and our self-love. From this view, everything just gets better, because we are allowing ourselves Heavenly Help. The main ingredient for all of our spiritual work of growth is Trust. Just keep in mind that doubt is quite opposite of Trusting, and this sense will lead you more into your own gut level and higher level of understanding your own spiritual gifts. If you would like to contact me,

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Psychic Intuitive Clairvoyant

Earth Element


The Earth signs all tend to hold a very practical nature. They truly like to see things, feel things, and taste things. And this is not all. They also enjoy the challenge of anything the least bit difficult. Why? Well it’s simple really, they enjoy finding out what works. Of all the signs, the earth signs by far, have the most staying power. They will keep at things until they work. If they don’t work, they will just try something else. Taurus will hold onto things for too long sometimes, Virgo will think about it until it appears perfect, and Capricorn will get about doing it anyway no matter what. Earth signs are very hedonistic at times. They just love to indulge in the good things of life, and certainly don’t mind working for them. Earth signs love food, plants, animals, travel, solid finances, building things, writing, communicating, the outdoors, and just about anything that feels secure, cozy, warm, and inviting. They make wonderful investors, artists, writers, nurses, and doctors, engineers, animal trainers, hair dresses, even designers. They are sensual, affectionate and won’t forget your birthday.

Water Element


The water signs are by far the most emotional, intuitive, and artistic in everyway. They are also very sensitive, compassionate, caring, and the most imaginative of all the signs. Don’t take them to a scary movie unless you want them gripping onto you for days! Things are very intense for the water signs, and they won’t tell you about it all of the time either. They tend to keep their feelings to themselves unless they really trust you. They make the most loyal of friends once they know you are worthy, but they don’t trust easily. The water signs are the feelers of the Zodiac, and they usually don’t miss a thing, unless that is, they are in love, or in lust. When this happens, they are well, 3 shades to the wind. It’s just that emotions are their ruler, and they can get swept away. They do hold a practical side within them, but it must live up to their ideals. Sometimes they will tend to be afraid to try new things due to shyness, or fear of looking like a fool. The water signs are talented in water sports, building a field of dreams, artwork, music, painting, singing, healing others, counseling, investigating just about everything, psychic work, medicine, law, police work, work with animals, landscaping, designing, writing, and religious pursuits or careers. They tend to like guiding others, expressing emotional deep feelings, and being in love whenever possible. The water signs are nurturing, caring, expressive, and tend to hold things inside of themselves.

Air Element


The Air signs are very social, mental, and enjoy thinking, learning, moving around, and declaring lots of freedom, while still having a partner. They can be a bit difficult to understand some times, because they say one thing, and then do another. This is because things tend to change from when they were just thinking about it, and after they actually did the thing. Whew! Yep, they shift a lot! They are delightful to be around though. They can talk about anything under the sun, and they just love to see people happy, so they will outdo themselves to be sure they are enjoyable and witty entertainers. They will keep you guessing, but this is what I call the Air Charm. And they will keep you laughing with their stories. Air signs enjoy learning, traveling, spreading their wings, and learning what makes people click, communicating, social parties, and putting people together. They are the best matchmakers on the planet. This is because they have an eye for people who fit like a glove. The make great airline pilots, salesmen, corporate managers, social directors, film producers, music producers, musicians, actors, travel agents, diplomats, and writers. They also have a flair for cooking, designing, and artwork. Many of them, especially Aquarius, would do very well in medicine. Many an Air sign is also in the computer, advertising, and engineering fields.

Fire Element


The Fire signs are about desire, courage, risking, and new experience. You won’t find many a fire sign just sitting around doing nothing. These folks enjoy the limelight, and they are get up and goers. If something needs to be done, or a cause needs to be fought, or someone just needs to speak their peace, you can count on a fire sign to spit it out! They are powerful, they know it, and they enjoy every bit of it. They are totally into blazing new trails, and they won’t care what anybody thinks about it either. They will just do it! Why? Because they like it. If anything they can just seem too powerful at times, and scare people away. No timid for these signs, no Sir! They make wonderful spokespeople for every new kid on the block. They like to defend people, so you will find many Fire sign lawyers. They like to be up and out. Noticed and appreciated to the max. They especially adore praise of every kind. Praise them, and they will purr like a gentle kitty. They tend to like sports, adventures of unique kinds, spontaneous romantic adventures, singing, acting, and entertainment of all kinds. Tour guides, explorers, sports trainers, dog and horse trainers, saving planet earth, looking after children the old folks, and raising the roof about anything, that has a cause attached to it that they believe in. Though not at all timid, they are certainly heartfelt, honest, funny and real.