Air Element


The Air signs are very social, mental, and enjoy thinking, learning, moving around, and declaring lots of freedom, while still having a partner. They can be a bit difficult to understand some times, because they say one thing, and then do another. This is because things tend to change from when they were just thinking about it, and after they actually did the thing. Whew! Yep, they shift a lot! They are delightful to be around though. They can talk about anything under the sun, and they just love to see people happy, so they will outdo themselves to be sure they are enjoyable and witty entertainers. They will keep you guessing, but this is what I call the Air Charm. And they will keep you laughing with their stories. Air signs enjoy learning, traveling, spreading their wings, and learning what makes people click, communicating, social parties, and putting people together. They are the best matchmakers on the planet. This is because they have an eye for people who fit like a glove. The make great airline pilots, salesmen, corporate managers, social directors, film producers, music producers, musicians, actors, travel agents, diplomats, and writers. They also have a flair for cooking, designing, and artwork. Many of them, especially Aquarius, would do very well in medicine. Many an Air sign is also in the computer, advertising, and engineering fields.